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integrative bioinformatics solutions

Implementation of Galaxy Enterprise comes with an initial on-site professional service in order to ensure the most optimized environment for its intended use. Additional professional services and products may be assessed for extended integration with other applications within the environment.

See also Intero Life Sciences, our enterprise leader, for solutions supporting big data, artificial intelligence, and clinical interface.


Galaxy Enterprise for Development

enterprise platform for integrative workflow development

Galaxy Enterprise for Production

high performance workflow execution for large datasets in mission critical production environments

Turn-Key Customized Workflows

curated and well-defined, ready-to-use workflows for user specific research targets; an add-on feature product

Enterprise Cloud Environment with SLA

manage, host, and store data on enterprise cloud environment with dedicated servers and secure access (VPN) with various levels of SLA

Docker Edition

Docker container technology built into select Galaxy Enterprise offerings; for more information, please contact us

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Enterprise-Level Support

direct access to open source expertise for help with technologically sensitive and mission-critical commercial projects

Professional Services & Consulting

various levels of services supporting Galaxy Enterprise and Galaxy-based multi-omics integration applications: general consulting for best practices in omics data integration and in-house workflow development

Production Environment Optimization

project specific tool configuration for optimal workflow generation and development

Data Integration Outsourcing Services

ready source of contract-based integration technology experts to complement internal resources and improve project efficiency/cost effectiveness

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