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finding strength in numbers

The creators of Galaxy software had a big vision when they founded their roots in open source: it meant that no one entity would take on all the responsibility nor own all the technology. Instead, an entire community of programmers and developers from far and wide would come together to strengthen and improve upon the foundation they created. Thus, in the spirit of giving back to the community, Galaxy software maintains its open use policy, with the intent of helping those in the academic realm solve integrative data challenges.

For more information about Galaxy Project:

So, where does Galaxy Enterprise fit into this community-minded open source environment? Galaxy Enterprise is a commercially supported version, with all of the open source technological advantages of Galaxy, plus professional support, customization, and add-on features. To that end, our commitment to community remains strong as we develop use cases, curate workflows, and train tomorrow's technical leaders.


 Most Common:

  • supported by seasoned experts (for subscribers)

  • curated, turn-key workflows with customization

  • on-site expert ps and consult available with On-Prem

  • deployment model: local, hybrid, cloud

  • dedicated, managed host in private cloud with SLA

  • certified Galaxy Enterprise training available

  • add-on features for enterprise applications  (NoSQL integration, Artificial Intelligence wrapper, etc.)

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